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     The cleaning crew just left, and they did an amazing job. My flat has never been so clean. Their cleaners are certainly impressive.
Lisa F.21/05/2020
     Great experience with Shirley Carpet Cleaners! We called them on last minute and had a team of two cleaners early the next day. Definitely recommend. Thank you!
     I have three young kids, which means that my house gets a lot more dirtier a lot more faster than it used to. Thanks to ShirleyCarpetCleaners who have helped me keep my home clean, I can stay on top of my work without having to worry about going back to a messy home. I have been using their services for over two years now and I can swear that I have never received such consistent good service from any other company ever before. The best part is that their cleaning products are extremely child-safe which makes a very good cleaning service, especially for families.
Emma T.18/02/2015
     When we needed one off cleaning we were not sure which company to go with but found after a short search that ShirleyCarpetCleaners had the finest reputation in the area. We got a great price from them and they ended up sending a team to our building the very same day. The team were really professional and treated the place with care as well as ensuring that the whole place was neat, tidy and completely free of dust, dirt and grime - outstanding work I would say!
     ShirleyCarpetCleaners's cleaners come when they say they will, which is a good start, and they stay for the whole time we have booked them and do anything that needs doing. They really get down to the nitty gritty which is great for us as we hate having to spend hours spring cleaning during our weekends. The cleaners we have employed in the past have never helped with anything much apart from the routine donkey work but this is a cleaning company which really does the hard stuff well. I would most definitely recommend giving them a call and trying them out.
Melanie L.30/06/2014
     I was fed up of my furniture looking grubby but couldn't afford to replace them with new. I was passed on the details of a cleaning company who were affordable and did a good job. I called ShirleyCarpetCleaners and requested a quote. I thought the prices was good and made a booking. I was greeted by two friendly staff members armed with all of their tools and solutions. They began the cleaning process on my sofa and chairs and it wasn't long before I noticed a difference. The results were impressive. The furniture looked and smelt great, so clean.
Andrea Hudson12/06/2014
     Great company, very easy to work with. Due to the nature of my work I've had to keep rearranging cleaning days and there is just no problem in dealing with staff as they are all very friendly over the phone. In terms of their work they are equally faultless, meticulously cleaning all areas of my studio, including dusting the skirting boards. I never imagined what a difference it would make but it feels so much brighter inside. Very professional and hardworking, always on time, never cuts corners. Now I leave my keys with them too and it has made my life so much easier thank you very much!
Neil W.08/04/2014
     I am not going to lie - I always knew my carpets could do with a bit of a clean but I didn't think that anyone could do anything since the carpet was rather old and stains were fully submerged into the fibres. A friend of mine had used ShirleyCarpetCleaners and was very pleased, so she suggested that I use them to get my carpets cleaned as well. I gave it a try and to my amazement, the carpet was clean and super soft. They managed to get all the dirt out, even the dirt that has been there for years.
Sarah B.28/03/2014
     I'd always wished I could have a home that was always clean and tidy but I just didn't have the time to get everything done to the standard that I wanted it to be! I'm pretty fussy when it comes to cleaning, and I wasn't sure about hiring a cleaning company to help in my home but a friend told me I just had to try ShirleyCarpetCleaners. I have to say that I'm really glad that I did! They're a fantastic company and my home is just sparklingly clean now. If you want a clean home but don't have time then this is the company for you!

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